About Trust Point Payroll

Trust Point Payroll is built on a foundation of integrity.  

We believe in personal and professional responsibility.  We treat each professional, community, and personal interaction with the utmost attention and respect.  We believe that by approaching everything we do with that same optic we will continue to transform the business services industry and, in-turn, improve business itself.

Our Mission

Trust Point Payroll is committed to transforming the business service industry by bringing care, compassion, and constant improvements to always excel for those we serve

Our Visions

1.  We envision a world where people find fulfillment, connection, enjoyment, and a lasting connection with their employ.  

2.  We envision a world where employers find, retain, and motivate their ideal teams to reach new heights, goals, and achievements which will ultimately improve all that we know.  

We pursue these paths by creating the very best user interface, innovations, and solutions for our customers, their employees, and for the communities in which they operate.

While these statements may seem unrelated to payroll;  we believe that viewpoint simply means that you have yet to experience ours.

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Help Desk

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Merchant Services 

24/7 & 365

Onsite Implementation Specialists

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Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm (or by appointment)

Management Services 

24/7 & 365


Weekends and Evenings 

By Appointment (we are here for you)

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